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About us

Qikfresh, a young and growing German start-up based in Frankfurt am Main, stands for fresh, organic and natural oral care on-the-go.


Natural. Because for us, it is important.

Qikfresh believes in transparency, environmental awareness and responsibility. We work closely with our consumers and draw inspiration from our community.

It is hugely important to us that our products are manufactured to the demanding standards for organic and natural cosmetics. To fulfil this commitment, we decided to certify our products by the BDIH COSMOS-standard. This guarantees the use of 100% natural ingredients and zero use of any synthetic additives or preservatives. Our products are 100% vegan and registered with the Vegan Society, guaranteeing that no animals are used in the production of our raw ingredients, nor are any of our products ever tested on animals. Qikfresh is, and remains, cruelty free. And because we live our philosophy, and attach great importance to transparency and clarity, our entire value chain abides by these same values.

Find out more about our values.


On-the-go. Because we are on the move.

Life is full of tedious and repetitive routines; oral care doesn’t have to be one of them. Qikfresh is the solution to busy lifestyles, providing natural oral care on-the-go.

On-the-go means Anytime & Anywhere, so you decide When & Where. At Qikfresh we like to keep it simple. This is why our products come in easy-to-use sachets, designed for busy lives.

Refresh your smile reliably and effectively, no matter where. On the train, at work, in a meeting, or simply globetrotting. Qikfresh has you covered.


Personal. Because we are one team.

Qikfresh is Made in Germany. From the design and packaging, through to the formulations and production, we work hand in hand with family-run companies guaranteeing the highest safety and social standards. For us, responsibility is not a trend, but an attitude. This means working in a transparent, environmentally conscious and values-based manner.

Qikfresh is an up and coming brand and thanks to our close teamwork with local developers & manufacturers in the cosmetics industry, we draw upon 70+ years of experience.

As we value transparency and quality in our products, it is also important to us that you know who is behind our brand. 


At its heart, Qikfresh is two brothers, Denis and Martin Frydrych, who are committed to producing high-quality, natural oral care products for every lifestyle.


Do you have any further questions about us? Have a look at our FAQs, or write to us via our chat or e-mail.