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Team Up

We take care of the most humanly of connections: the healthy smile!

Perfectly portioned, Qikfresh makes oral care simple. Because we can do it and because you can do it.

Qikfresh as Partner

We are happy to offer you individual solutions for your business models. Let us talk about your questions, ideas and wishes. Simply write to us at   teamup@qikfresh.com


  • Hotels & Tourism
  • Cafés & Bars
  • Teams & Offices
  • Shops & Retail

✔ Care about customer through customer care.

With our oral care products you can reach your customers on a whole new level. Certified organic and natural cosmetics, Made in Germany. With 100% natural ingredients, free of preservatives and synthetic additives, Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Simplicity before abundance.

Opened plastic bottles are part of everyday life in hotels and on board. The waste production is enormous and the costs unnecessary. Our perfectly portioned sachets for single use offer a new solution. With Qikfresh you choose a partner who offers oral care in practical design for your guests and customers.

✔ Corporate Responsibility.

Responsibility often feels like a burden. But it doesn't have to be. For us, corporate responsibility means acting in a transparent, value-based and environmentally conscious manner. This is precisely what is firmly anchored in our philosophy and our actions. Become a partner and join us! With respect for the customer and the environment.

E-Mail us: teamup@qikfresh.com

For a chat. For a date. For a smile.

Bars and cafés are where some of the most beautiful encounters in life take place, and memories hang on that one place. With Qikfresh you can turn the encounter into a date and the memory into a story! Our goal is to make oral care as personal and uncomplicated as possible. Sustainability and respect are our mission. Your bar, your café is the reason for a smile, take care of it: Team Up!

✔ Lifestyle. Emotion.

You know best what makes a perfect cappuccino or drink. A drink is not just a drink! And we know: oral care is not just oral care! With Qikfresh in your team you can rely on small, neat and effective oral care products for your guests and visitors.

✔ From Work-Life to Life-Smile-Balance.

At Qikfresh we develop opportunities for personalities and give them freedom. We make oral care possible Anytime & Anywhere. At the lunch or dinner table. At the bar. On-the-go: we offer perfectly portioned sachets for single use. Your café and bar maintain the work-life balance. Become a partner and take care of the life-smile-balance.

E-Mail us: teamup@qikfresh.com

✔ Smile-Revolution. Revitalise the smile.

Yawning and laughing are contagious! Bring the smile to your team. Anytime & Anywhere – as per our tagline! With the uncomplicated on-the-go solution for oral care, we bring the healthy, refreshing and self-confident smile back into everyday working life. Within seconds, the perfectly portioned Qikfresh oral care products provide a revitalised smile, right at your desk or in a meeting. Don't underestimate the effect of a fresh smile!

✔ Fresh. Refreshing.

Anyone who reaches for chewing gum after lunch or after work is only doing themselves a favour to a limited extent. Smart oral care is different! Qikfresh products, made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, free of synthetic and preservative additives, offer the highest quality and easiest management of oral care in everyday working life. The Qikfresh oral care sachets easily packed away in your desk leaves your mouth and the office feeling fresh again!

✔ The perfect appearance through minimal design.

If you want to awaken the senses of your listeners, you can't shun oral care. To the meeting, visiting a customer, during a presentation. Our Qikfresh products come in a minimal design and discreet packaging. More than a mouth spray and less complicated than brushing your teeth. Team Up and give your team the perfect show.

E-Mail us: teamup@qikfresh.com

✔ Offer. Demand.

A smile is something very personal and says more than 1000 words. With Qikfresh we want to adapt our oral care products to the consumers modern lifestyles. Perfectly portioned on-the-go sachets make oral care uncomplicated and discreet - Anytime & Anywhere.

✔ The natural smile in your offer.

Qikfresh stands for 100% natural ingredients. We deliberately avoid synthetic and preservative additives. We are Made in Germany, Vegan and Cruelty Free. Our mission is to revitalise the smile, without doubts! Get the natural smile in the offer. Team Up!

✔ Corporate Responsibility.

For us, responsibility is not a trend, but an attitude. Deeply rooted in our philosophy, we are responsible to people, the environment and the market. That is why we keep all processes and developments transparent and understandable. With our ideas we would like to give joy through a cultivated smile.

E-Mail us: teamup@qikfresh.com