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Our values

At Qikfresh we engage with the entire supply chain in ingredient sourcing, processing, manufacturing and packaging processes, adhering to the highest social standards, transparent communication and short delivery routes.

In order to guarantee the highest quality in our products, we comply with the following standards, offering you controlled organic and natural cosmetics.


Qikfresh products bear the COSMOS-standard seal for controlled organic and natural cosmetics, granted by the BDIH body. The COSMOS-standard evaluates the sustainable sourcing of ingredients and holds the entire supply chain accountable to stringent sustainability practices. The COSMOS-standard has strict and transparent guidelines helping to distinguish genuine controlled organic and natural cosmetics from greenwashed products. In addition to annual inspections, we have also agreed to be subject to unannounced audits. We live our philosophy, attaching great importance to supply chain transparency.

Learn more about the BDIH and the COSMOS-Standard.

The Vegan Society

We did not label our products as Vegan until we underwent an independent audit by the Vegan Society, guaranteeing that Qikfresh does not use any animal substances and cross-contamination is excluded.

Learn more about The Vegan Society.

Cruelty Free

With the COSMOS-standard and the registration by the Vegan Society, we guarantee animal-free products - Qikfresh is and always will be Cruelty Free. Both standards appraise the entire supply chain, ensuring that animal testing is completely excluded. Annual audits and controls guarantee compliance with these standards.

Learn more about The Vegan Society standards on cruelty-free testing.

Learn more about the BDIH standards on cruelty-free testing.

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

Our secondary packaging is FSC-certified and made from wood that comes from responsible managed forests with which the entire supply chain also complies. Our packaging partner is also less than 30 km away from us.

Learn more about the FSC.

Blauer Engel - Das Umweltzeichen

Our promotional materials (e.g. leaflets, advertising cards) has been awarded the “Blauer Engel” (“Blue Angel”) eco-label. The oldest environmental label in the world guarantees paper made from 100% wastepaper, which is produced without environmentally harmful chemicals or additives. In addition, our advertising materials use 100% recycled paper and ink made from renewable raw materials containing 0% alcohol. The use of recycled materials, instead of fresh fibre paper, saves wood, water and energy at the production stage. Once again, we keep the supply chain short with our printing partner less than 60 km away.

Learn more about the Blauen Engel.

Do you have any further questions about our quality standards? Have a look at our FAQs or write to us via our chat or e-mail.